and Mass Spectrometry

Historical Perspective

º A Brief History of Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation
submitted by: Stu Borman
º A History of the Mass Spectrometer
submitted by: Keith A. Nier
º Who was John Dalton?
from the: Bruker Daltonics site
º A New Generation of Weights and Measures
submitted by: Michael Peel, Oxford University
º The Evolution of the Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer
submitted by: Mike Grayson, Washington University, St. Louis
º Introduction to Mass Spectrometry and Its Applications
excerpts from a book by: Robert W. Kiser, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Kansas State University.
Includes "...perhaps the greatest achievement that can be claimed by mass spectrometry."
º Early History of Mass Spectrometer Ionization Methods
submitted by: Charles M. Judson, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 66045
º Timeline of Industrial Developments
º Mass spectrometry (MS)and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) applied to biological macromolecules
from: The Official Web Site of The Nobel Foundation
º ASMS Posters on the History of Mass Spectrometry
º The history of the mass spectrometry of peptides and protein in the USSR
submitted by: Boris V. Rozynov
º A Mass Spectrometry Timeline
from: Stu Borman, Hailey Russel, and Gary Siuzdak
º The History of Mass Spectrometry in Australia
from: Kevin M. Downard and John R. de Laeter
º The Uranium Bomb, the Calutron, and the Space-Charge Problem
from: William E. Parkins