and Mass Spectrometry

Services: Proteomics
Sample Preparation

     Samples can be submitted in the following formats:

  1. In-Gel. An excised band from a gel can be submitted for analysis. The band should be cut using extreme caution to avoid keratin contamination. This can be done by wearing gloves at all times and using clean equipment. The excised band can be submitted in de-ionized water in an eppendorf tube labeled with the ID number provided to you at the time of on-line sample submission using our Paperless Submission System. Protein amounts should be in the hundreds of femtomole to 1 pmol range. A band that can be visualized by Coomassie stain, usually contains sufficient protein for identification.

  2. In-Solution. Samples can be submitted in solution (~10-20 ┬ÁL volume). Avoid any detergents and unnecessary sample buffers. Buffers such as 25-50 mM Tris or Ammonium Bicarbonate are acceptable. For a comprehensive list of buffers and salts compatible with mass spectrometry, please see the Salt Tolerance Table. A Bradford assay should be done to estimate the amount of protein in solution before submission and the amount indicated on the form. This will help us add the optimum amount of protease to your sample. Ideally, we would like several hundred femtomoles to 1 pmol of protein for identification. The sample ID number should be placed on the eppendorf tube prior to submission for tracking.

  3. Pre-Digested Sample. A pre-digested sample can be submitted for analysis. For protocols used by the Center for Mass Spectrometry.

     Please call or make an appointment with Linh Hoang or Minerva Tran before submitting your sample so that we can better serve you and answer any specific questions.