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Much of our work has been written about over the years. Below is an archive of PDFs, screenshots, and links to articles.


Health Benefits of Calorie Restriction Linked with Reduced Body Temperature
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News


Little-known protein appears to play important role in obesity and metabolic disease


Scientists design new metabolic technology to open scientific data for everyone

Estrogen-mimicking compounds in foods may reduce effectiveness of breast cancer treatment


Taurine lends hand to repair cells damaged in multiple sclerosis

Science meets Netflix with data streaming — Jeffrey M. Perkel


Smartphone Analytics: Gary Siuzdak and team are showing the next level of data screening using smartphones — Rudi Grimm
PNG | Linkedin

Metabolomics Software
PDF | Biocompare


Metabolic link between bacterial 'biofilms' and colon cancer
PDF | Science Codex

Metabolomics Reveals Vicious Cancer-Biofilm Cycle — Stu Borman
PDF | Chemical & Engineering news

Bacterial biofilms may feed colon cancer — M. Teresa Villanueva
PDF | Nature Reviews Cancer

A Golden Ticket for Mass Spec Imaging, SEM, and MicroT — Jeffrey M.Perkel
PDF | BioTechniques. The International Journal of Life Science Methods

Nanostructure Imaging Mass Spectrometry: The Role of Fluorocarbons in Metabolite Analysis and Yoctomole Level Sensitivity — Michael E. Kurczy , Trent R. Northen , Sunia A. Trauger , and Gary Siuzdak
PDF | Methods in Molecular Biology


Break the Metabolomics Bottleneck with These Data Analysis Tools — Jeffrey M. Perkel

Luciferase Is Okay For Research After All — Stu Borman
Chemical & Engineering news


Name That Metabolite! — Jeffrey M. Perkel
PDF | The Scientist Magazine

GC-MS: The yin to LC-MS's yang
PDF | Biocompare

Metabolomics: Sifting Through Complex Samples
PDF | Biocompare

Metabolomic Cloud Plot — Jon Evans


Real Simple Metabolomics
PDF | Biotechniques

Expanded database to drive metabolomics research

Expanding database enables discoveries in emerging field of metabolomics
PDF | Science Codex

MetaboNews Siuzdak Interview
PDF | MetaboNews - September

Metabolomics for all: A new web-based platform for analyzing LC-MS data

ChromaDex and Scripps Research Institute Collaborate on METLIN Metabolite Database
PDF | PR Newswire

Cover Article
PDF | Nature Chemical Biology

Gaining insight into pain — Katrin Legg
PDF | Nature Reviews: Drug Discovery

Pain: A Painful Question of Metabolism — Carsten Skarke
PDF | Science Translational Medicine

Metabolomics Uncovers a New Driver for Neuropathic Pain
PDF | Pain Research Forum

Fighting Neuropathic Pain — Stu Borman
PDF | C&EN News

New "Omics" Technique Taps into Unknown Metabolome — Janelle Weaver
PDF | Biotechniques

New Target Discovered for Pain Relief — Katherine Sanderson and Nature Magazine
PDF | Scientific American

Metabolites Involved in Chronic Pain — Jeffrey M. Perkel
PDF | The Scientist

Rat helps pinpoint pain molecule — Katherine Sanderson
PDF | Nature

New Understanding of Chronic Pain
PDF | ScienceDaily

Metabolomics implicates dimethylsphingosine in neuropathic pain


2011 Analytical Chemistry cover
PDF | Analytical Chemistry

Top 10 Most Read Articles for Q1 2011 for Analytical Chemistry
PDF | Analytical Chemistry

Metabolomics: Where seeing is believing
PDF | BioTechniques: Tech News

Exploring different C18 stationary phases for metabolite profiling
PDF | Imtakt: Technical Information

Software Enables Speedier Metabolomics
PDF | C & E News


Groundbreaking new understanding of stem cells

Scripps Research team provides groundbreaking new understanding of stem cells

Research Team Provides Groundbreaking New Understanding of Stem Cells

Scientists provide groundbreaking new understanding of stem cells


XCMS: Processing Mass Spectrometry Data for Metabolite Profiling Using Nonlinear Peak Alignment, Matching, and Identification, published in Analytical Chemistry is featured on the ACS Publications website as the 2006 Most-Cited Article based on citation data obtained from Thomson ISI.
PDF | ACS Publications

Antioxidants Help Prevent Some Forms of Loss Of Visual Function In Mice
PDF | ScienceDaily

Gut Bacteria Affect Almost Everything You Do — Brandon Keim
PDF | WIRED Science

Metabolomics analysis reveals large affects of gut microflora on mammalian blood metabolites
PDF | Health

Metabolomic Study Finds Microbe Metabolites in Mammalian Blood — Andrea Anderson
PDF | GenomeWeb

Mass Spectacle: Making the most of mass spectrometry imaging — Jeffrey M. Perkel
PDF | The Scientist

Analysis of Biofluids by NIMS
PDF | Fluorous, F-Blog

NIMS got talent
PDF | SeparationsNOW

The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology, 2nd Edition -- #1 in Search Result Ranking

Major advance in cell programming technology — Cathleen Genova
PDF | EurekAlert!

Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Using Recombinant Proteins
PDF | Cell Stem Cell


Analytical Chemistry cover
PDF | Analytical Chemistry

Taming Metabolites — Ciara Curtin
PDF | Genome Technology

Clathrates lead to MS without a matrix — Christine Piggee
PDF | American Chemical Society, Analytical Chemistry

Science & Technology Concentrates
PDF | ACS: Chemical & Engineering News

Fluorous Tags Unstick Messy Chemical Biology Problems — Dennis P. Curran
PDF | Science

Bracing for a Metabolomics Data Storm, Thermo, Genedata Partner on Informatics — Vivien Marx
PDF | Bio1nform

Biochemistry's new look — Nathan Blow
PDF | Nature

Dissecting the kinetics of self-assembly — Linda Sage
PDF | Analytical Chemistry

Spectroscopy cover
JPG | Spectroscopy


Special Topic: Closer to Physiology — James Netterwald
PDF | Genomics & Proteomics Online Magazine

'The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology 2nd Ed.' achieved #1 popularity in mass spectrometry
PDF | Amazon.Com

Metabolic Research: Canadian Group Claims 'Unique' Database — Eliot Marshall
PDF | Science 2

New Mass Spec Technique: Method eliminates need for sample preparation — Celia Arnaud
PDF | Chemical & Engineering News

Mass spec explodes — Lewis Brindley
PDF | RSC, Advancing the Chemical Sciences

Clathrate nanostructures for mass spectrometry
PDF | Nature Publishing Group

Small-scale techniqe hits the big time — Katharine Sanderson
PDF | Nature, News

The secret of NIMS
PDF | Nature Methods


TOOLbox: XCMS for metabolite profiling
PDF | Journal of Proteome Research

The Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry website is the #3 google hit for "mass spectrometry" out of over 23 million hits.
July 2006

Most-Accessed Articles: April - June 2006
PDF | Analytical Chemistry

Countdown to sepsis biomarkers — Jon Evans

Research Profile: Digging for disease markers of sepsis — Linda Sage
PDF | Journal of Proteome Research

Much Ado About Molecules — Meredith W. Salisbury
PDF | Genome Technology, GenomeWeb


Chromatography and ionization on a single surface
PDF | Journal of Proteome Research

Tracking Cellular Machine Assembly
PDF | Chemical and Engineering News

Digital Briefs: New Software and websites for the chemical enterprise
PDF | Chemical and Engineering News


'The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology' achieved #1 popularity in mass spectrometry four months after being introduced

Book Review - The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology

Book, Software, and Web Site Reviews - The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology — Rockwood A.L.
Clinical Chemistry 50

Mass Spec Sensitivity Record: Technique achieves yoctomoles sensitivity — Borman S.
Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry, how low can you go? — Peplow M.
JPG | Nature

Book Review: The Expanding Role of Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology — Willis R.C.
PDF | American Chemical Society


'Mass Spectrometry for Biotechnology' achieved #1 popularity in mass spectrometry and Barnes and Noble, '02, '01, and '00

Gary Siuzdak on Shooting Viruses through the Mass Spectrometer
PDF | ProteoMonitor


Dios technology licensed by Waters/Micromass

Virus and DIOS research cited in Nobel Prizes to Fenn and Tanaka
PDF | The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences


Weighing Up Viral Differences
PDF | Spectroscopy Now - Spectral Lines


Porous Silicon Lights Way For New Analytical Devices
Science Daily Magazine

Silicon Volley

Laser desorption MS for biomolecules
Analytical Chemistry News and Features July 1, 1999


MS technique catches cold virus 'breathing'
Chemical and Engineering News

Inhibition of Breathing Cold Virus
New Scientist

Inhibition of Breathing Cold Virus
Omaha World-Herald

Hunt the Mutant
PDF | The Economist

Finding Viral Mutants
Analytical Chemistry News & Features

'Mass Spectrometry for Biotechnology' hit the #3 spot as best seller in Biochemistry


Quantitative MS for combinatorial articles
Chemical and Engineering News